Swordpunk - Plant-based menu

  1. Please select the meal you'd like and on which day/mealtime.
    If you have any allergies or intolerances please email us here. There are Gluten Free options available for everything including GF wraps. All boxes (no wrap) will be gluten free.
  2. There will be some flexibility on orders at the event but we need as many pre-orders as possible to more accurately plan food stocks.See the menu here.
  3. There are 9 meal options if you arrive Thursday including:
    Breakfast on Friday/Saturday/Sunday
    Lunch on Friday/Saturday/Sunday
    Dinner on Thursday/Friday/Saturday
  4. NOTE: We will have side orders of fries and also breakfast smoothies available to buy at the event.
  5. Payments are made via Stripe which is a secure payment processor.
  6. If possible please bring with you a cup, plate, bowl, knife, fork and spoon in order to minimise waste. We will have all of these available in either biodegradable or compostable form.

Orders are now closed for 2023